Prospects International, the piano industry's authority on lead generation, is providing a complimentary marketplace analysis in order to assist dealer principals in determining the online piano interest in their marketplace within the last year.

Industry Testimonials
“Hi guys, I just wanted you to know that one of my leads resulted in the sale of a new Yamaha GB1K grand and a U1 upright to a school.”
Jim Fishback – President/CEO – Fresno, CA
“Happy 2020 – can you believe it? Thanks for everything you and Joey did for us in 2019 – we had another great, great year!”
Mitch Paola – Owner– Portland, OR
“I’ve sold three pianos from these “used list method” leads just this week personally and its not even Thursday yet!”
Tony Thomas - Sales Manager - Nashville, TN
“We recently had a buyer for a local entity order two additional new grand pianos to add to the three he had originally purchased.”
Steve Kinchen - Manager - New Orleans, LA

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Learn how many individuals expressed online piano interest in your marketplace within the last year.

Get valuable profiling information about the individuals searching for pianos within your territory.

Use this data to make important decisions in regards to your ongoing marketing strategies.

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